Friday, January 23, 2009

January 23 2009

Well so far today is going well. Still a few points to use up, but I'm staying on track. I'm really feeling happy with myself.

Started off this morning with more Wii Fit. I can really feel my ribs stretching when I'm doing the yoga poses. This is helping with the exercises the physio told me to do. They're still tender and hurt at night, but hopefully they'll get better soon. Most of all I want a full night's sleep.

I've also discovered the joy of Tayto Velvet Crunch. They're delish! They work out at P1 per pack. Now that's a good value snack! I can see that they will become a store cupboard staple. Even the dogs loved them.

I think I'll be having an early night tonight, I'll scour the magazines for inspiration for tomorrow's menu and maybe make some mango sorbet as a treat.

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