Friday, February 20, 2009

Post Valentine's

Seem to have gone off the rails a bit after Valentine's weekend. It started with the takeaway and just escalated from there. Weighed in yesterday, hoping for a STS after the disaster that was my week. Jumped onto the scales and lost 4 lbs! Now that was a shock to the system. So got my silver 7 to reach the 1 stone mark, and also got 5%. Yay me!

Unfortunately it lead to a celebration - the wrong kind. Pancakes! In preparation for next week I made a batch, with maple syrup. OMG they were to die for. I totally enjoyed them. Got up today determined to stay on track and raided anything that wasn't tied down.

On the bright side, I did cycle to work tonight. Thighs are feeling the burn a bit, but I felt pleased I actually did it. Will be cycling for the weekend and hopefully that will wipe the slate clean. It's approx 25 mins each way.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Weekend and first day shift

Had a wonderful Valentine's weekend, stayed in with OH, had takeaway Chinese, watched lots of TV and racked up a few BPs.

Yesterday was the first Day shift since I returned to work. I decided to cycle. Made it in about 25 mins, so was pleased with that. On the way home last night, the lights went on the blink, so didn't cycle today. Need to get to the shops tomorrow for batteries. Other than that, the day went well. Managed to stay within points (barely!) and generally feeling pleased with my efforts. Last time on the scale (2 weeks ago) was a STS, so hopefully this time will show a loss. Slowly but surely.

Nothing major planned for my 2 days off this week. Have physio on Wednesday and WI on Thursday. Hopefully meeting a few friends too if I can. Working a weekend of night shifts, so will have to plan the food wisely. Anyone got any suggestions?

I did manage to read some inspiring stuff on the Men's Arena on the WW boards. I might even try some of it!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finally back to work

I've now re-joined the work force. Bit of an overload going from recuperating to full 12 hour shifts, but it's going well so far. Since I'm back to work, and with shiftwork, I'll be weighing in every 2nd week and using a weekly points allowance instead of a daily one. That way hopefully it'll compensate for when I'm awake a lot before my first night shift of the week, and asleep a lot after my last night shift of the week.

Nothing else has been happening. Looking forward to the weekend, nothing major planned... possible a pancake making spree!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Biblical Adventure

So yesterday, went to get my X-Ray results and get certified to go back to work after the crash, when the doctor told me that some sort of heart abnormality showed up on the X-Ray. He referred me to a cardiologist. I rang to make an appointment, and decided to enquire how much the appointment was. Was I in for a shock! €440. While, yes, I have VHI, and can claim it back at the end of the year, it's still a whopper of a charge. Especially as I've been off sick for the last 7 weeks and have hardly any money and still bills to pay.

In a moment of madness then last night I decided to go and see "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat" in Dublin. Asked OH if he wanted to go Friday, but he couldn't get off work early to go. Then decided to ask my sister. She said either Saturday or Sunday were good. I decided on Saturday, all the while thinking that there was something else happening. Once the tickets were booked, I realised it - The Ireland V France rugby match in Dublin! What a dilema. As the tickets were non-refundable, the decision was made...

Just back. What an adventure. Got to the station this morning at 8:35am. Planning on getting the 8:55 train. Not a hope in hell due to the match. There was a chance to get the 10:24 train, but they couldn't guarantee a seat. Bearing in mind that the journey takes about 2 and a half hours, and the show was starting at 2pm, it was cutting it tight. We decided to get a bus. Bus takes a bit longer, slightly over 3 and a half hours. They couldn't guarantee it would arrive on time due to weather conditions and match traffic. We had just missed the bus by 5 mins, so the next one was 9:30, due into Dublin for 13:10.... cutting it tight if there were any delays. I met a lovely nun on the bus and she was giving us advice of how to get there should we be pushed for time. The journey was spent praying that we'd arrive on time - and we did! Then the mad scatter to get to the box office to get our tickets. Made it there with 20 minutes to spare - phew!

The show began, and I was spellbound. I'd only ever seen the DVD version with Donny Osmond, and this production was fantastic. One of the finalists from "Any Dream Will Do" was playing Joseph. We had such a laugh, and they played a medley and a few extra songs at the end. The audience were going wild. It finished just after 4 and then we quickly nipped into McD's for a big mac and then quickly to the train station. Got the 5:05 train, just as the match was kicking off, but had regular calls from my sister giving me reports on how well we were doing.

All in all, it was a fantastic day.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Slightly gutted today with a STS. I'd been so good, may have had 2 bad days, but I never went over points and with the WW Kitchen Scales, my portions are fairly accurate.

Just gotta concentrate on the coming week, and make sure this doesn't lead to a blow-out. Met one of my friends at the meeting today, was nice catching up. Trying to have a good day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Second weekend on track.

I actually managed to have a second weekend on track. Even went so far as to have a Chinese takeaway on Saturday night and only eat half of it! I kept the other half for Sunday. It was definitely an achievement.

Off for some more Wii Fit in a while to boost this week's loss. Hopefully it'll be another good one. I've been really motivated and determined this time.

Friday saw me back to the doc and he sent me for another x-ray. I should hopefully have the results either Tuesday or Wednesday. He also changed my painkillers, although they're not a whole lot better than the last lot. Maybe it's just a case that I need to have them build up and over time I won't notice the pain. All going well, I'll be back to work next week.

I've a few ideas for dinner and might even get a chance to make more muffins. They were delish! I'll post the recipe soon.