Friday, February 20, 2009

Post Valentine's

Seem to have gone off the rails a bit after Valentine's weekend. It started with the takeaway and just escalated from there. Weighed in yesterday, hoping for a STS after the disaster that was my week. Jumped onto the scales and lost 4 lbs! Now that was a shock to the system. So got my silver 7 to reach the 1 stone mark, and also got 5%. Yay me!

Unfortunately it lead to a celebration - the wrong kind. Pancakes! In preparation for next week I made a batch, with maple syrup. OMG they were to die for. I totally enjoyed them. Got up today determined to stay on track and raided anything that wasn't tied down.

On the bright side, I did cycle to work tonight. Thighs are feeling the burn a bit, but I felt pleased I actually did it. Will be cycling for the weekend and hopefully that will wipe the slate clean. It's approx 25 mins each way.

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