Monday, February 2, 2009

Second weekend on track.

I actually managed to have a second weekend on track. Even went so far as to have a Chinese takeaway on Saturday night and only eat half of it! I kept the other half for Sunday. It was definitely an achievement.

Off for some more Wii Fit in a while to boost this week's loss. Hopefully it'll be another good one. I've been really motivated and determined this time.

Friday saw me back to the doc and he sent me for another x-ray. I should hopefully have the results either Tuesday or Wednesday. He also changed my painkillers, although they're not a whole lot better than the last lot. Maybe it's just a case that I need to have them build up and over time I won't notice the pain. All going well, I'll be back to work next week.

I've a few ideas for dinner and might even get a chance to make more muffins. They were delish! I'll post the recipe soon.

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