Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Weekend and first day shift

Had a wonderful Valentine's weekend, stayed in with OH, had takeaway Chinese, watched lots of TV and racked up a few BPs.

Yesterday was the first Day shift since I returned to work. I decided to cycle. Made it in about 25 mins, so was pleased with that. On the way home last night, the lights went on the blink, so didn't cycle today. Need to get to the shops tomorrow for batteries. Other than that, the day went well. Managed to stay within points (barely!) and generally feeling pleased with my efforts. Last time on the scale (2 weeks ago) was a STS, so hopefully this time will show a loss. Slowly but surely.

Nothing major planned for my 2 days off this week. Have physio on Wednesday and WI on Thursday. Hopefully meeting a few friends too if I can. Working a weekend of night shifts, so will have to plan the food wisely. Anyone got any suggestions?

I did manage to read some inspiring stuff on the Men's Arena on the WW boards. I might even try some of it!

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