Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bank Holiday Weekend

Well it's finally here, the bank holiday weekend, and it's a scorcher! Summer definitely took it's time this year. Had a bit of bad news on Thursday, which didn't help my mood for the weekend. I ended up taking some 'personal time' from work to sort things out in my head. Starting to get there. Fortunately I have the support of a wonderful OH, who came down to visit for the weekend to help me through it.

So... The plan for today is to go for a walk later and rack up a few BPs. Made a lovely salad for lunch and to be honest with the hot weather (and other things) I haven't been really hungry, so plenty of points left for the day. I'm making a bit of progress towards getting back to where I was and am nearing the 5% mark again. This time I'll be continuing towards 10% and onwards to goal.

Not yet looked for an outfit for my cousin's wedding in August. I'm waiting a bit longer to see how much more weight I can shift.

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Jane said...

When it comes time to find the right outfit, try looking on I found some really small shops with very personal attention there, and they are good at adjusting the dress if you do end up losing more before Aug.