Thursday, May 28, 2009

Heineken Cup

Had a wonderful weekend in Edinburgh for the Heineken Cup final (and Leinster won!!). Unfortunately WW went out the window while I was away. Had a SP on Sunday when I returned to see a 3lbs gain, but luckily by WI today I'd a .75lb loss.

The weather is finally starting to brighten up, and today feels like the first day of Summer. Had physio this morning (arm still hurts, so hoping that'll wear off soon), and then a visit to the Chiropodist this evening. Bit of an incident on the buses in Scotland aggravated my ingrown toenail.

Was a bit lazy last week and didn't cycle to work, but now the weather's a bit better I've no excuse, so tomorrow it's back on the bike. I'll just think of the BP's.

Bank holiday this weekend. but I'm working - so won't be falling into temptation much. I'll be off on Monday and Tuesday so planning on some batch cooking.

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