Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 2 Back on track.

Well, managed to get to class on Thursday morning. There was a special offer at the moment where if you had a smart card and the current books, the joining fee was only €10 as opposed to €20. Thankfully I had my smart card and books! It was nice to see the familiar face of my leader, and even nicer that she recognised me. I did weigh slightly heavier than when I did last year, but her reply to the number on the scales... "We won't say you're up or down, this is a fresh start so we'll start from here...". It reminds me of one of the posters on the wall - "It's not a sin to fall, but it is if you stay down". This time I'm NOT staying down.

The class itself was interesting, and it was nice not to be the only guy there. There were 2 others! I'm so used to going to meetings where I am the only guy. The leader also gave out free samples of Linwoods hemp, flaxseed, and others. I tried the hemp today on my cereal and on a salad and it was nice. I ran out and bought a full packet. This time I picked up the flax, sunflower, pumpkin & sesame seeds & goji berries mix. I'll be trying it once my samples are gone. The samples were 25g packs and were approx P2 per pack.

I've a few things organised for lunches next week. Now that I'm off shift-work it's a bit easier to plan meals and other activities. I'll actually have time for a life now! I must admit that the hours can be a bit long, and by the time my work day finished I'm shattered. So much so that I found myself dozing in front of the TV last week watching the 6pm news. I'm hoping that once the days get brighter that will sort itself. I'm hoping to invest in a halogen oven on Sunday. I think it'll be handy for the cooking for one and also doing my WW ready meals. I'm also going to use the freezer more and the slow cooker too!

I picked up a copy of the new Irresistible magazine from WW. I'm reading through it to get some recipe ideas. The plan is to get 10 good recipes that hopefully the whole family will love. Then rotate these and go to the shops armed with 5 of them to get the ingredients. It should hopefully cut out all the impulse buys, or going to get something and forgetting it.

Well, time to hit the sack. Aiming to get up early for some Wii Fit and making porridge for breakfast.

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